Investment Scams - Cheated! Almost 11 000 EUR gone!

My dad,60 year old man was contacted by a trader and he got his trust with talking and showing things,of course almost in retirement time he wanted to make some money and invested all together 10700 EUR in this place. It was done by bank transfer to and from there converted to BTC and sent to My father did not say anything about his dealing until it was too late,it lasted for 2 weeks until he opened his mouth and now have contacted bank and police. And when I his daughter got a wind of those things started researching and check what has been done,cos he has very little knowledge about computers overall and this so called trader had instructed him through Skype and opened loan accounts for him and asked for id information,which he obviously gave and loans were taken... When that loan money went to his bank account it was then instructed to safecurrenecy. Ok after me getting to know all the things what had been done ,I tried to withdraw the money and I'm still trying,they obviously don't want to give it mo and when contacting tior-capital support I get only bits of info how to do it and supposedly there is 2 ways sepa transfer and ewallet withdraw. I have tried ewallet but it's still processing and now they say we have to make 2000 down payment in order to get 10700 out from there. Please do not believe anything those people say and do!!!!!

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