Investment Scams - got cheated

Got cheated by manoj and mahalakshi of finance
Dear concern,

last week, i opened the account through, mahalakshmi sub broker, and their team head is manoj kumar, by phone number -9940531222, by email id vs.Manojkumar@rediffmail.Com, resident of plot no 18, shankar street, madipakkam, chennai.

Their modus of cheating is very smart.

Manoj kumar runs a website by the name of http://www.Financeexperts.Co.In/, he uploads all angel broking contract notes, you can open manoj website and see hundreds of angel broking contract notes, which he is using for his cheating business www.Financeexperts.Com, manoj kumar from chennai has cheated hundreds of angel broking clients.

I request you to immediately stop all accounts opened through mahalakshi and what ever accounts are trading in her sub broker should be stopped immediately.

Please stop brokerage payout also. This unprofessional bruts are thinking, that anyone cannot do anything to them, lets join hands to blacklist such people.

I can show you, hundreds of clients proof, who got cheated from this two people, manoj shows your angel broking contract notes and makes them open account in meenakshi franchise sub broker and charges 100 rs per lot, then asks everyone to change password to {angel9}, every day he trades 10 different stock options in 10 different angel trading accounts, out of 10 accounts 9 get into losses and 1 randomly gets profit, that 1st account, he uploads and lure poor people and cheat them by showing extraordinary returns, i have attached his website screen shots, 1500% 1000% 500% returns, he shows and lures angel customers, next day again he takes 10 different stock options in 10 different accounts..Again 9 loss, 2nd or 3rd account gets profit, and rest get wash out, that day he uploads different angel account statement, like this till now he has cheated 250 people from last 3 years, i am sending some clients list, if you dont stop trading in below mentioned accounts, they will get wash out..I think already 99% accounts have been washed out into losses, you can call up and check the clients directly, if you ask them..Did manoj from finance expert traded your account and cheated you, they will say yes.

List of clients traded by manoj finance expert, account opened in sub broker

please call all your customers and save your company from going to legal troubles.

Blacklist manoj kumar and your sub boker meenakshi,

Thanking you
naresh kumar

he washed out my account in 1 day.

vs manoj kumar and mahalakshmi of are biggest cheaters and fraud people, manoj kumar is running a scam on the name of www,

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