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I was recently scammed by, they promise you up to 75% daily of your investment and payout within 14 days. I have invested $400 and I have been monitoring my account and its now sitting at $58000 and time for withdrawal. They have asked me to pay a verification fee of $1550 and to send a copy of my ID to approve my withdrawal and verify my account to prove that it is my account. I've paid the fee, which at the beginning they don't mention anything about additional fees and no where on their website does it say so.
After paying the fee, this morning I received an email to pay an additional amount of $3500 to upgrade and update the account, which is ridiculous and I refused to pay. No they wont reply to my emails or my Whatsapp. I've have been dealing with a lady by the name of ****** ******, who sounds so convincing and assuring. After paying the verification fee, she said that I wouldn't have to pay any other fee ever again and then hours later I receive an email to pay more or I wont get my withdrawal.

Please stay away from and ***** ******. They promise you huge returns and don't deliver. I am still waiting for response from them.

Please be aware of them.

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