Investment Scams After deposit investment, no money return

websites attract with 600% after one day profit return. At FAQ regarding to your withdrawal your profit, its mention withdrawal instantly. In fact when your package plan mature. You make withdrawal with request withdrawal, but you will see it is not instantly. after over 24 hours, try to contact through contact support and customer support email of website. Email reply back and mention that to get instantly withdrawal, need to deposit 300 USD for activating instantly withdrawal and you will get your investment + profit. After re-deposit 300 USD for activating instantly as they asked, but no my deposit and profit come back. I wrote message to them again and message replied to me from their service contact, in order to get withdrawal of investment + profit, you need to re-invest 600 USD for final verification like that they sent message to me. I already lost my investment 420 USD. I faced problem with 2 similar websites (600% /after one day profit package plan) and lost with others 320 USD already (

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