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I enrolled in this institute for SAP HANA Training on June 2019, during counselling prior to join class, One lady named Sindhu(which is a fake name) called me & told me that all the classes will be Trainer led interactive sessions with 12 months server access, certification dumps, interview questions & other fake commitments. She provided me one demo link & on a subsequent day she told me to attend live demo session but I realized that it was the same demo session she gave me earlier. On asking her she rejected with multiple irrelevant excuses and did conference me with the trainer. They will pretend their trainer to be from UK, France etc . Unfortunately, you can say its my fault I enrolled myself after discussing with Trainer but after paying 22K when I attended the first online class, Within a very few minutes I realized that they were Playing recorded version of HANA instead of live session, upon confronting Sindhu initially she lied to me continuously with different unnecessary reasons like webinar issues and others. When she realized that her lies are caught upon getting nervous, she passed phone to other guy who introduced himself to be Sandeep, I asked him that I was promised during my counselling period by Sindhu and sudheer in online chat box in their website that all the online classes will be interactive only which was not. Sandeep first denying the fact that it was a recorded session then after threatening him to go for legal ways, he accepted that it was a recorded session. After so many arguments, Then he promised me that I will be refunded entire money within 7 working days he said giving more emphasis that money will be transferred to my account . So, I asked him to send me an email mentioning all these things, then Sindhu sent an email that they will refund me within 7 working days and asked me for my bank details I provided the same. But as of now I.e, after completion of 7 days I haven’t received a single penny to my account from then, I tried to contact them over WhatsApp but Sindhu neither picked my call nor replied to my seen messages.

They operate with below different names, please beware aware before joining their classes,



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