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Fadsan.com: cheap Scammer

Check Full Report of fadsan.com

This is to inform there is a scam Fraud domain online named as FADSAN.COM
Owner ******* ******* a very poor Bihari Villager who cheat peoples for just few bucks.
He is a real ***********.

By which I took service before and they did fraud with me till whole 1 year I did google search about their profiles and found they also offer services and traps students online .
I lost 6k amount in INR for my one of the project which is challenged to be refund in case of not submitted in time interval of just 10days in which he never sent me anything even 1 small S of software and stolen and kept my money , During the phone calls scammer said I am celebrating parties busy there will refund you later.
I request you to never take their services for any kind of online web designing or any other services if you really not wanted to lose your money.

Here you can read the brief complain details and scam what they did with peoples.







Avishek Kumar

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