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Scammed by www.divanation1.com for yodi butt pills an' cream
I ordered a package 4 months ago from www.divanation1.com and I was convinced that the products I was buying were working. I was guaranteed that there were no nasty side effects but I occasionally I have headaches even after stopping. I was hesitant to order but was convinced that this was going to work and if didn't was a money back guarantee. I used up the yodis and no results at all just gave me an headache now I have to treat myself for that. I sent several emails without any replies,
tried calling yesterday and I was cut off. Don't buy yodi butt pills an' cream from www.divanation1.com as their products don't really work an' worst have nasty side effects. It's just quick money for them scamming people. Am very disappointed an' frustrated. Am seeking legal action now. Take the matter to court with my medical costs.

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