Fake / Counterfeit Products

3 Months of Lying.

We received a friendly comment on our Instagram account. They were looking for people to model their products and they promised to give us a 20% off coupon code. We agreed to it because the products on their website seemed legit and their reviews did as well. We purchased a shirt from their website back in October. I stayed in contact with them, making sure that our package was sent. After months of communication, they had said that our package was finally shipped two days ago. I was so relieved, but little did I know that they would not give me the tracking information I asked for and didn’t even send out the package. I waited even longer to see if the package would eventually arrive. I was wrong. The package never came and this was a scam. I politely contacted their Instagram and asked for a full refund because our package was not sent after three months of waiting and they had lied about our tracking information and when her package was shipped out. They then proceeded to change their account to private, close their website and unread (new Instagram feature) my message. This was very disappointing and such a waste of time. Please do not buy from them you will be scammed.

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