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Centralizados.com.mx: Stealing website design


We are writing to denounce the plagiarism of a page that we own fully. The design (colors, forms) images and pictures of our property have been stolen from www.cyvse.com for centralizados.com.mx. Besides all its contents, this website is also using our actual address and location only changing contact information (name and phone number)

We are so worried because this fake website and their owners are committing commercial fraud offering our products using our information and we are afraid they are actually selling or trying to sell our products on their behalf to charge for. As they are using our location address we also are afraid that we can get in troubles with their customers when they come to claim products and money that we did not offer/receive.

We beg for your help in any way you may be able to provide to stop this plagiarism and avoid a fraud against us.

centralizados.com.mx is an scam page

we would appreciate your prompt response. Thank you very much


Scamadviser Edit: 'Report a Scam' allows you to let the Scamadviser community know of the problem you are having. Please get in touch with your local authorities to see if there is any action that can be taken against the website.

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