Fake Check / Money Order

Payglobel.com: money withdraw scam

It's been 7 month that I have my money and thay close my account because thay need proof of address. Thay didn't accept my home contract because that wasn't in English. Thay wasn't accept e-stetment or telephone bill. I send the postal bank statement and thay send "we don't need any additional documents we open your account"
After that all thay open it then I withdraw my money in the bank wich I never reieceived. I mailed them that I didn't received my money then thay send my terms and condition wich is say since 25 Feb in uea the money is electronic and I can only make electronic payment. I use the Visa wich is on the dashboard
I try to make electronic payment and visa is not working.

After 3 days I try to log in my account and is written "we can't find username with this mail"

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