Fake Check / Money Order


********Fake, it Scammed me.


Their software run a check and asked me I paid $40 USD,

*Proof that I paid.* WhatsApp Available Accounts Current GPS Location Wallet ( **** ) Replenishment History Affiliate Program WA-Tracker™ Profile Feedback Section Bonus Pointsnew! How it Works Phone Numbers Bitcoin Manual Support Center Replenishment History Данные PAYMENT INFORMATION Regarding payments: Billing Department. Technical support for online payments: - sales@whatstracker.org

so I could have all the informations I requested.

Straight after the payment I receive a Thank you for using the site, password and passcode. I could find any file or anything relate on my device. I tried several times contact to their Support Center but no one has come back to me. I have proof of everything. Also I leave a negative feedback on their sites, it was deleted fews hours after, as I could see it anymore.
Feel free to contact to me if you request all the proof.

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