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I worked for Compact Services (Flensburg Brunch) from 18-May 2018 to 17-Nov 2018 and I was scammed

The Company is a fraud sceme and many people has lost their money, since they have about 1000 ways ready to rip you off

They first advertise a job opportunity to work in Germany for 1500 per month , and then you discover that you actually work for about 700 (all 800 are deducted from you for varius reasons) , you live with 3 or 4 other people in the same room and you have no internet or TV.

Since I start working in Satrup factory of Redlefsen , I tryed to be a hard working and honest worker with the other (permaned Deutch or English speaking employees) , and they rewarded me by letting me choose when to take my paid vacations days, but Compact didn't like that, they last minute change the dates and forced me to choose between leaving my work position or kissing goodbye all money I paid for tickets and reservations.

The worst part, is that all people in the houses are speaking only Romanian,Russian or Polnish so you find your self wondering "what the hell, am I in western Europe or not?"

After your first working day, they feed you with supposed "held money" promises in order to make you stay a bit, since otherwise nobody whould stay more than the first week.

Working for Compact Services Flensburg was a big mistake for me and I feel its my duty to let other people know what to expect if they choose to follow my mistake...

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