Dating & Romance Scams

the women on the profiles are not who you are talking to,, its only translators that work for the site.
the translators get paid by how much time they chat with clients

the profiles are made by women looking to date, but never do they get to communicate, they have no idea that anyone is talking or sending letters to there profile

i wasted many years on this, i hope i can save someone from making the same mistake

if a man does go to china to meet is "lady" she will get a phone asking if she wants to meet, if she says no they will hire a hooker that looks like her to meet the man. (my first time to china to meet a lady i was pretty confused why she was asking so many questions that she should have known in our chats)

in my time in china i randomly meet a lady on the street that joined the this site and that i chatted to on the site was confused on who i was and complained about the site

i did meet an older man in china as well that used the site, he told he can tell there is different people using the same profile

i used this site for far too long, but made friends with some of the translators and got to see with my own eyes how this site works,, which when i first join it was

when i confronted the website saying i want my money back our i will tell the world, or you can let me visit one of your offices to prove me wrong, they just threaten me with lawsuits

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