Dating & Romance Scams is a scam these to links were sent to me by a cute woman well I thought ok she really digs me well I put n my 1st prepaid card declined so I went an got a green dot declined so I'm like wats going on well nothing happened but declined no verification nothing so I'm thinking it didn't go thru ok it was declined but they still got 39. 99 all the while the girl is saying baby bsby it ook well then she says she's talking to site admin well then she tries to get me to western union 200 dollars I'm already out 39.99 I was lik ok imma do but I called company an then when I tell the girl the companies getting me all info she stops chatting so I came here so others don't fall for this I got 2 or 3 more links as well okay babe this is the link and instructions how to get your verification process here okay ..

n the first page :
create a username :
choose a password :
and email :
then click NEXT

on the second page :
fill up the details then click CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS,
just get the code and send it to me ok ?


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