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I checked a date site called and thought I would give it a try. It all seemed ok at first but it is a coin based site and for what you pay it is not worth using. 50 coins per message sent and the cheapest package you can buy is 24.99 for 2300 coins that you will burn through fairly quickly. There is a 99.00 package being the high end and you only get 5500 coins with a bonus in each of the three options medium option being 49.00. Canadian.

I did meet some people on this site but it seemed to be a little fishy when they became very forward and would start calling me babe and I had just met them and when I would mention the cost of using the site they became somewhat defensive. I asked if we could chat somewhere else like whatsapp or even gmail and they became very defensive and felt that it would only be safe there which was another red flag for me. I understand the need to be careful but in one breath you feel comfortable enough to call someone you just met babe but in the next breath you are terrified to chat on gmail?

One person claimed that they did not use any sort of chat app like whatsapp or Skype which is when things really started to make me feel uneasy. The other curious thing I notice is that some of my contacts were always online and with the cost of using this site I started to wonder, ("no proof") if they were being paid to keep people coming back to the site and scamming them by buying and spending obscene amounts of coin? Again no proof but it just makes you wonder.

Now I was at work and I started getting alerts on my phone with mysterious charges being put on my credit card that I know were not from me and when I was able to contact my card company there were close to 100 email alerts stating that charges were being placed on my card. My company was fantastic and even as we were speaking on the phone the fraudster was still adding charges to my card.

They cancelled my card and flagged my account and I believe it is in correlation to this site in some way because I never had this happen before I made my account and started using it and I was also getting alerts from my card co. with a few days of these events taking place. I am not saying that this site had anything directly to do with this in anyway but my advice is to simply stay away from this site entirely as you will regret using it just based on the price standpoint and then clearly there is the potential security issues.

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