CryptoCurrency / Bitcoins Scams Fake Plans to Collect Bitcions

When I tried to withdraw that fake mined Bitcoins the put the account on hold (fake hold) to freeze all the operation and request more money to reactivate. this is one of my messages to their fake support:

The proper timeframe should be as follows [if it's a real professional company]:
1- 0.52 BTC transfer to my wallet. (as requested first)
2- do whatever you want to do with providing an estimate of the fees in both scenarios,
A) internal upgrade ( which is my request and if you enable to do so you should inform me back.
B) Re-set the account.
But what I can see is an advanced level of fraud, should report to the authorization organization to take the right course of action against the IT Fraud website and/or the owner of this business.
Don't repeal your fraud request for me to pay more simply your prior communication through emails and chatting support has been recorded and will be used to determine the right judgment from the authorized organization.

It is an advanced level of scamming

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