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After reading what I thought was a legit article on about a way to invest my crypto back in April 2019, I mistakenly trusted the person authoring the article as a trustworthy source.
Without, researching it, I started with sending .10 of Bitcoin (BTC) to see if it "doubled" as they make claims it would. A "chat" person came on and informs me I need to invest .50 for a return. I looked on their site and sure enough, .50 and I'm told I can withdraw and send back to my Coinbase wallet after 7 days (where I sent it from).
So a week goes by and I attempt to withdraw. A chat person comes on and tells me it's now been upped to 1.00 BTC to withdraw. But the site info still states .50 investment guarantees a withdrawal after one week. But the Chat gal talks me into it, so I move another .60 over to double what is now 1.11 .
So, another week goes by and I go to withdraw the 1.10 BTC with attempting to send back to my coinbase wallet only to be told the amount for guaranteed withdrawal has now been upped 1.60 BTC! Since I had moved all my Bitcoin crypto that I have in Coinbase I could't afford to "buy" anymore on coinbase in order to move another .50 over to wallet.
So, instead I decide to move my 7 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from my Coinbase wallet to in hopes to double the 7 BCH in order to have enough to turn around and buy more Bitcoin on My plan was to be able to change my "14" ("guaranteed doubled" BCH in order to buy .50 BTC and send to my wallet (UGH!).
All the while, I have a chat gal talking to me convincing me it's all gonna work out. So, another week goes by and I attempt to withdraw the 14 BCH and send back to my Coinbase wallet. Only to be told Coinbase won't accept my BCH. An alarm goes off in my head; so I sent a message to Coinbase support asking them if this is the case. I also asked them if they know if is legit. They email me a case # and asked me to wait for their reply in a week. Meanwhile they're delayed and they disable my account.
So, I call them last week and talked it through. The reason they shut down me account is that because is a scam and they thought I said they outright stole my money by hacking into my account. I explained to them like I did to you in how I got involved with and that i was not hacked.
Coinbase informs me to report this rip off scam to you. I want my money back and hope y'all can help me. I have contacted several times and requested that my 1.11 BTC & 7 BCH crypto be returned to me
and to have the boss or owner contact me. Each time they tell me "crypto business's bosses don't interact with clients" and that I just need to add that .50 BTC more and I'll be able to withdraw all my crypto.
I've had enough of their lies and want to report them so that they can be shut down. I'm older (54) and have learned a very hard lesson that I hope no one else will fall into their trap and y'all can shut them down before anyone else gets shammed!

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