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I was recommended this site by a Chinese person I met through social media. They encouraged me to buy the AMN crypo-currency. It rose in value rapidly and I became suspicious when she encouraged me to invest more. I also saw that Nex claimed to be doing a promotion with AMN and were encouraging you to buy certain quantities by a certain date to get a large Airdrop.

I then spent some time researching the site ownership and reading their legal documentation on their site and could see they claimed to be registered in New Zealand but no such company exists at Companies House in NZ and there were lots of typos and poor grammar in those files.

I tried to sell my investment and get my money out and they declined to allow me to withdraw my funds several times. Only after I wrote a few reviews like this and reported them to the FBI and UK cybercrimes unit did I get my original funds back. Of course I have been unable to withdraw any profits (as they're fake anyway).

Sure enough, AMN rose and rose till one day it lost its entire value and then days later jumped back up to $20 (obviously artificially pumped and dumped and then pumped again!)

Do not use this exchange, they will rip you off!

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