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I've got into contact with a guy called Glen through telegram who supposedly has a very high accuracy signal rate on bitcoin trading, which he did actually, assuming that the signals were real. He directed me to open up an account on

After the first day, I was almost sure that it was a scam. When I tried to withdraw the next day, the exchange told me that I wasn't allowed to withdraw because my account was new and I had to wait for 4 business days to do so. It appeared during that conversation that they are also charging a 15% tax if your profit exceeds 20k USD. I've been also encouraged to continue trading in the meantime and they couldn't give a reasonable explanation of why to do so. When I asked why they have such rules nowhere to be found on their site, they became mute.

As I wasn't allowed to withdraw, I decided to go on to see the outcome of this story assuming that I've most probably lost my initial investment. Glen sent me signals to trade and I ended up multiplying my bitcoins 24 times in a week, just by 5 trades a day. In the meantime, I kept on thinking about possible scenarios but couldn't make much sense of the situation.

After a week, I made my last trade to figure out the whole setup. It appeared that the 15% tax of the total profit made that they were mentioning was supposed to be deposited in order to withdraw which is something they don't mention. It's not even written anywhere on their site. At this moment, I'm unable to withdraw anything from my account.

I believe that the guy so-called Glen and this exchange are operating together. At first to convince people to make a deposit to, then to make them believe they're actually making fast profits and at the end, to make them deposit ridiculous amounts to withdraw which would probably never happen.

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