CryptoCurrency / Bitcoins Scams is the scam

I have invested before verify the website in scam adviser. Scam adviser give 100% safe.I need to explain my experience here. First i invested $12 with plan 1. and it has been mined and return to my wallet $14 with profit. So i believed this and invested again $50.It has been raised above $100. So it has switched over to plan 2.When i trying to withdrawal they have been asked activation fee $300. Once the customer activated the plan only they can withdrawal the amount. I m asking customer care, why activate fee here, but they mentioned No withdrawal fee and hidden charges in their FAQ. But they said like activation fee once you have to pay, then you can withdrawal. And then i have activated the plan 2 with $300. After paying the fee, when i m trying to withdrawal, again they are asking $211 because of my IP address conflicts. So they have been asked retrieval fee $210 after that i have been paid $211.After that I m tried to withdrawal finally they have been asked VAT fee $150. So Even from started i could not able to withdraw the single dollar. They are trying to cheat our amount. Not intent to give our money. So they are fully scammers. But i believe Scamadivser. They given 100% for scammers. How do i believe the scam adivser also.

Sometimes scamadviser is incorrect on its findings of other sites.