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Mrs Li Wei Huan ( comes across as an innocent professional, she is working with a man named Joe Morrison. Joe usually advertises on Facebook saying how he Invested with Li Wei Huan and gained huge profits and how trustworthy she is. When you contact Li Wei Huan she talks you into investing but doesn't tell you that you will have to pay the following, please note that these are extracts from the actual emails received.

1. Account upgrade fee - Your trading account has reached the limit for a basic user and cannot accommodate more profits, while you still have pending profits from your winning trades.
There are certain amount each plan can accommodate. As a basic user your​ trading account can accommodate only $10,000 and as it stands you​ currently have about $10,000 in your trading account and we are sure that​ you will earn more after today's trade. We advise that you upgrade to a​ silver plan which can accommodate more than $10,000.You can't make withdrawal and your account manager can't continue trading for you if you have not paid for the upgrade. It
will cost you $1000 to make this upgrade.

2. Tax - Your trading account will be due for withdrawal on Monday But take note, before we process your withdrawal Successfully, you will need to send 10% of the available balance in your live trading account, so we can pay for IRS(Internal Revenue Service) charges here before we can make withdrawal smoothly. That's what is usually charged for making withdrawals into a local bank or bitcoin wallet in a different geographical location.
Note that,the 10% will not be deducted from your live trading account, you will have to send it to us here.
We have to tell you this in due time so you can make preparations and plan for it.

3. Registration of Wallet to the network - Your withdrawal of $*****.00 into your bitcoin wallet is been processed, but we have to register your bitcoin wallet to our paying server, so your funds can get to your bitcoin wallet immediately after it has been processed.​
This is done to verify your bitcoin wallet for future transactions. You are to pay $1000 for the registration of your bitcoin wallet to our paying server.
Note: if your bitcoin wallet is not registered to our paying server,you will not be able to make withdrawal.

4. Brooker Fee $700 - You have to pay for Broker fee of $700 before your profits can reflect on your bitcoin wallet and bank account. This is what we charge for your trades session and it can't be deducted from your trading account. This payment is made once for every investor.

5. Broker Permit $500 - Due to a system upgrade you are to pay $500 for a Broker permit fee, please note that your withdrawal will be reflected in your wallet when this fee is paid.

6. Legal Dues - We have sent your profits to your bitcoin account and Local Bank respectively.
However, We decided to review your country policy with​ respect to your withdrawal and just like some other of our investors​ from locations like: United State,India,South Africa,Greece,Spain,United​ kingdom,Malaysia,Canada,Germany and Brazil.Your Country requires some legal dues to be settled,we have however​​​ tried to settle them on your behalf trying to deduct them from your​ balance but we have been denied of this access as a third company​ platform as such not having the permission to deduct any amount of cash​ from your balance.
Below is the breakdown of all legal fees to be settled before your withdrawal will reflect on your bitcoin account and Local bank respectively.
*EXCHANGE FEE: $100.00
*TRANSFER FEE: $100.00
*TAX INCURRED: $100.00
*SUM TOTAL: $500.00
please kindly get back to us with your payment receipt so we can work on​​​ your withdrawal.

7. Insurance - Due to some upgrades made on our trading systems,we want to make sure your funds is safe and secured. We advise you pay for insurance fees so that your money will not be lost,incase of un expected events. The insurance helps manage risks and when you pay the insurance fee you transfer the cost of a potential loss in a trade to our platform and we help you invest the funds securely ,so it can grow,and pay out when there is a claim.
The insurance fee will cost you $300.
We are sorry for any inconveniences this has caused you.

At every stage Li Wei Huan will tell you that your friend Joe Morrison had to pay the fee as well, when yo contact Joe he will say "what do you do? just pay the fee and move on". If you contact online live support they will deny you ever invested with the company and call you all sorts of names.

Bitcoin Wallet Address: 113QjNvniovJ85qWzkcSf3JTaF9wTwdjkx

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