CryptoCurrency / Bitcoins Scams - Couldn't deposit money i've earned to my account

I have joined the beginning of last week through a link a got from someone.Their business is about advertising some stuff like clothes,tv's,bicycle etc and you as a client will earn 10 cents per advert.So i joined and started doind their advertising business where i managed to earn myself up to $564 but when i tried to withdraw my earnings i was told to have had invited 40 people to join as my referrals or if i cant recruit then i should go to a list where they sell referrals for those who couldn't recruit for a certain amount but the money must be in bitcoins and they gave me a bitcoin address to deposit to in order to buy those referrals.I then followed all those instruction and paid $9 to gain referrals so i can be able to withdraw the $564 that i have earned through advertising their stuff and that is where i got stuck after my money for bictoin was received,their system kept showing money is ready for withdrawal up until today it's still showing the same.I have forwarded all my banking details as they have requested and i have been trying to contact their support who never respond to any of my complaints,i even tried to get their email address but never come right.

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