CryptoCurrency / Bitcoins Scams - FRAUD

I have invested $300 for trading on a website called with a contact of Antanas Guoga. First when we get in contacted through Instagram he told that is his name antanas guoga. He told me Once you invested for trading you have to wait for 7 days and then you have to email the for withdrawal and they will provide a link address for your withdrawal profit of bitcoins. today it's 7 days now. when I emailed them they replied upgrade your account with $1500 within 72 hours then we will provide your profit if you are not investing $1500 you lose everything that I invested.
I got scammed with a website called, this is the email id of the website
this is the Whatsapp number of Antanas guoga +44 7418 323742.
this is the Instagram profile of Antanas guoga (free_guide_to_make_money007)
and now when I am trying to contact him he changed his contact information on the Instagram cell phone - 619 387 4190 and email is
I also have a proof of the chat, email and deposited money on

I checked website on your, it has 67% trust points thats why i invested, well put this website in blacklist please.

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