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BitFuryChain: Ponzi scheme / money laundering

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I got contacted by an Instagram user who promised to have massive earnings based on Bitcoin mining.

After not finding any scam alerts about this site, I decided to give it a try by investing only $100. The agent claimed the minimum was $200 but he was going to help me out by investing half while I got started.

After 72 hrs, the system reflected a total balance of around $1,600. Then, the agent magically told me that a couple of "bonuses" appeared for no reason on the account, which I found extremely weird.

The agent told me that in order to access my profits from the 72 hrs investment, I had to upgrade the account by making a deposit of $2,000 USD.

I was never told about this upgrade before, only until they showed the ¨profit¨ in the system, to motivate me to put more money in. The agent was very insisting in me making the deposit, for which I refused.

I asked to have a video call with him, he refused and re-directed me to the company´s owner.

He ¨fixed¨ my account by re-investing the amount shown in the dashboard, doubling the balance, in a matter of minutes. Suddenly, the total balance in the account showed $5,220 USD (after only investing $100 one month before)

This was completely unrealistic. He said I could withdraw the funds by upgrading the account. I looked all over the website, it does not say anything about upgrading the account whatsoever. Look for yourself

I took the risk knowing that I could lose $100. Do you really think the money magically transformed into $5,220 ??? They put fake amounts in your dashboard, like showing a candy to a baby, so you get motivated in depositing more and more money. Then paying you from other people who is also putting their money in. Just moving the money around with fake digital balance.

I read about Ponzi schemes, in which investors get paid from the newest investors. This one looks just like it.

Be careful with this site. I was lucky to lose only $100.

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