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I made contact with a person on that claims to be a legitimate Bitcoin/FOREX trader. We chatted over a few days and after her sales pitch I agreed to sign up. I was then prompted to open an account with as that was the trading platform she used (if indeed it was a she) So with everything in place and I seen funds in my account I told her I’d like to make a withdrawal into my Blockchain account. I was then told I had to pay her 15% commission upfront swiftly followed by 10% commission for I didn’t have an issue regarding their commission so I paid it. Then I receive a message on looking for a one off payment of $1250 International Tax Fee. Now, there’s no mention of fees on the Alphacryptotrader website which should have had the alarm bells ringing.
To cut a long story short. Today I attempted to login to my Alphacryptotrader account but couldn’t access it. I messaged the trader on WhatsApp only to see that she had blocked me. I then sent a message on Instagram and she blocked/deleted me straight after. I called her mobile, no answer and sent a text message..... no response.
As they say. If it smells like ???? looks like ???? ....... it’s probably ????
All through the process she assured me it was not a scam and to trust her.

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