CryptoCurrency / Bitcoins Scams scam

This company seems to be helping people with bitcon, but to tell the true, they are a scam, when you start with them they tell you, you will only pay for account upgrade based on your profit. After that they keep on asking for money and ul never get your money, I was cheated my the lady called veronica Smith, trust me she seemed like a God fearing woman, doing all sort of nice things.. we had a relationship so that she can trick me.. I have her picture , I will check if I can upload it.. well we hope it is her picture. Along the way she even offered to go half with me since I dont believe her, then I did guess what she blocked me, I'm so shattered and depressed as I have lost close to $5160. Be careful guys this bitcoin people are really scammers and they are very very good.

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