CryptoCurrency / Bitcoins Scams - scam

I started an online trade with a bitcoin account manager to help trade on behalf. my minimum deposit was $500 with promised guaranteed weekly profit of $5500.
1st flag scam warning was that he could immediately access my profile without me giving him my ID account.
2nd flag scam was the amount of profit shot up from $1125 to $62225 in 2-3hours.
3rd flag scam - Then he texted he is using the latest auxiliary trading tool but didn’t mentioned what is the name of the tool just that he bought it and installed it for a hefty price. Even when i said i don’t the tool he insist that he is going to use it anyway because he bought it already.
4th and finally flag scam - the next day the profit amounted to above $100k and i received an email from the admin stating i need to pay a trading fee of $11k because of the sophisticated trading tool used. And that my trading will be on hold till payment is made and after that i would get a bonus of $6k. Bare in mind that this notification was sent to my email by the admin however few minutes after that my trading contact whatsapp me saying that i need to pay the trading fee even stating most of the email details without me telling. Bottom line is im very certain that the trader is actually the admin thats why he can access my account the moment i register and he sent me the email. Plus to withdraw you would to email the admin for withdrawal hence he can choose to hold it.

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