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I received the call first from the german number to convince me to invest money in Bitcoins and forex market. I was told that I will start with a small amount and the account will be liquid and I can withdraw whenever I want.
I was convinced and I have invested 100 euros. I was allocated the financial manager from Uk. His name was Danial Cohen. He explained to me the process of trading and their policies which was not exposing more than 5 % of your total amount(in account) in trade. He also showed me how to withdraw money and I did withdraw 50 euros. I gained some trust and invested 500 euros more.
After some times I started feeling a bit suspicious about the manager(Daniel) changing his words. One day I tried to withdraw 100 euros by myself and I was unable to do so. I called them and they said you need permission from our side if you have money less than 1000 euros in your account which I was never told before. He asked me to deposit more 500 euros in my account so that I can take withdrawal by myself. I simply asked them not to go further and He said that his financial team will contact me and he directly hung my phone. Since that time nobody from Uritrade is responding to my call and emails. next day when I tried to call them and the number was not available.

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