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They are very well-prepared scammers who defraud companies by misleading them into believing that they have great profits from a (false) investment. At the same time, through job search sites, Linkedin, Facebook and more, they search for Money Mules, with the deception of a job (false) and through these people receive the bank transfers made, in good faith, by the deceived companies. Their sites are assembled very good. They seem real. I also came into contact with them, thinking it was a real job offer. After the first response by email, the scammers claim that communications take place through Google Hangouts. At first they make a phone call in English, very very clear, and then they start chatting giving all the explanations to get money from their customers(defrauted companies). They are very professional, and they don't look like scammers. The promised bank transfer (addressed to Money Mule) arrives after a few days, but in the end the customer (defrauded) makes the recall of the transfer, through his bank. They have various websites all identical; obviously only the domain changes.

The three domains are: - -

They use other gmail addresses in order to communicate via Google Hangouts.
Other email addresses: - – - -

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