CryptoCurrency / Bitcoins Scams

The company says I can withdraw anytime from my account daily or weekly. After investing $139 usd through bitcoin. The profit increase to 7500 usd. I asked for withdraw and I was told in order to withdraw I have to pay 5% of 7500usd.
After paying 5% which added up to 500 usd. The company refuse to pay and said I have to wait until all 7 days of mining is completed. After mining is completed, company said there bitcoin error they are unable to send through bitcoin. They ask for bank information after bank information is provided they ask for 5% transaction for $20575 which is 864 usd. I call the bank in UK but they said they don’t do transaction through whatsapp or through bitcoin. The person who was claiming to be bank admin didn’t exist in the actual bank he represented. Crypto investment are only paid through bitcoin after hashing of non spendable bitcoin to spendable.

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