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As usual someone sent to me as his referral , He said it pays, I checked it here and there, there is no enough info. So I decided to give it a shot, deposited in plan A, with min $100. after 72 hours, I tried to withdraw, they said my account needs $50 withdrawal fee + $50 blockchain fee !!, Okay, I deposited another $100, same waited for the 72 hours, someone of them used my personal details and talked to me via Whatsapp. Assuring me that she is doing her best, Again, they said my account needed Verification, when I asked her what is this, she told me they ask all customers for that, and promised me if I didn't get paid she will leave the company (as if I care), I deposited upon her assurance , and ASA the deposit was done, The support chat window disappeared , I tried to contact her, i found it a business number with no info or affiliate. I sent them mail thru the mail registered in their website, nothing happened.

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