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"invested" 100 USD in a daily plan that promised 10% earnings per day. Too good to be true right? yes it was too good to be true. Never received any funds back after requesting that they return the funds after they decided to convert the plan to a 30 day investment plan without letting anyone know. is definitely a pyramid scheme and i do expect them to close down as soon as they reached their financial target and stole enough money from whomever foolishly invested. (they should be investigated)

they accept investment payments via cryptocurrencies or bank transfer/eft. There is a reason for that, as you cant request your bank to undo the transfer nor can you get back cryptocurrency.

They have an address in Singapore and a normal random house address in the country in UK (looks like a small holding/farm/country house)

related links and probably the same company: (domain registered 2019-03-13) (domain registered 2019-01-17) (domain registered 2019-05-11)

Two bitcoin addresses associated with gspcrypto: (they will have alot btc random addresses but here are 2 verified btc addresses linked directly to

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