CryptoCurrency / Bitcoins Scams

This scam probably circulated on Telegram and possibly other social media too, although it is crypto-oriented.

On Telegram I am member of a few crypto oriented groups. A few hours ago I got a direct message from someone. The guy claimed that he could let me win sometimes on a gambling site in return he wanted 30% of what I won. He showed me some good evidence and I decided to give it a try.

After a first deposit you are able to gamble (minimum bet $70) I won a few times and lost a few times but after a series of games I had some extra money. So I wanted to withdraw the money (in crypto) but the site showed a message stating my funds were frozen because they suspect me of illegal gains. I created a ticket and the support desk said that they need additional info and an extra deposit to verify and unblock my funds. After giving some personal details and another deposit of 30% (that was needed) of my first win (a few hundred $) they would enable withdrawal. After doing that (I know, quite stupid of me) my account was suddenly banned and I had no way to login again. Nothing I can do, the money is gone. Watch out!

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