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O was initaly told to deposit $300, but because I am CANADAIN, I was told I had to deposit even more, So I did.
I was to receive daily updates in the form of emails to indicate that deposits were made to my account. I was told that the session woild end and I would be notified when and how much was made. At the end, after 8 days I was told that the website mining made $3070 and I had to pay $675 for COSTS and COMMISSIONS before I was able to withdraw my proceeds. Then after I did that, of course I made a mistake and didn't deposit enough so another $500. When that was finally resolved, The website claimed that my security answers were wrong, but the "security team" could fix it, but you gusesd it, for $500. so after sending all the fees required, my little $300 investment COST ME nearly $ 2500 and I am not convinced that I'd ever get anything form them.

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