Credit & Debit Cards Scams - Possibly stealing credit card information

Registered with the platform.
They came up first on my google search and site looked neat as.
Registered for the free 3-day trial (after which it's dollar 39 per month)
Tested the site, it didn't work out for me, horrible UX, too slow and too many useless clicks plus it didn't do its work as I was monitoring it to see how it performs. And, it didn't.
So I decided to stop the plan straight away and not even wait until the 3 day trial will end.
Texted the customer service, it doesn't exist. Tried to find their email or contact. Nothing available. Interface didn't let you to check or remove or cancel the plan either.

They charged my bank account 4 * 0.9EUR and only gave back half of it, 1.8 and kept the other.

NB!!! I already wrote a review. Please do not share this information with public. Thanks. Especially with my real name, I don't want this on google. Many more thanks. Yup, have a good one.

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