Credit & Debit Cards Scams

I purchased shoes from this website on August 5 using my credit card. When I already in the payment section of their site, the first attempt of my card was said “payment failed” and second attempt was “declined”.
However, it reflected to my statement that it has been deducted the amount to my card. Also, according to their system thru my yezshoes account, it has been paid. Unfortunately, after 3days i got charged from unauthorized used of my card.
1. From google services AED 4.10
2. From Farfetch AED 5,587.35

I tried to follow up regarding my order, however they hav different views. One of them told that he/she from the bank and according to her was failed. On the other hand, the other agent replied with me that it has been paid as per our system. Until now, I didn’t receive any tracking with regards to my order. No response at all from them.

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