Advance Fee Loan - A scam case

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Almost three years ago, I applied to a company called ecofin global consulting in Hyderabad, India and the name of my responsible manager Koushik Rudra.
CEO & Founder, a broker who provides financing to companies as well as feasibility studies, financial advisory and so on. According to them, I contacted them and they have 100% on the scam website. They said they had to do three things that I said and they said they gave me these documents to Bank of India Baroda Dubai branch and they stalled even after that I asked to return the money to me but they refused it they said they worked for me as I discovered after I submitted these documents to the banks it is not Feasibility study and the correct work plan and after reviewing them I found that the feasibility study is a general talk about the Saudi economy and the income of the state of oil and that it is an economic center and etc. I mean her money any relationship about my project which is about 160 pages did not even mention the project budgets and income of the project and so on Conventional studies and tambourine They have $ 44,000 thousand proof of payment + invoices to pay
This caused me to stop all of my services and prevent me from traveling and I am demanding an amount of compensation other than the amount they set up on me.

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