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As an expat, I did not know this was a common scam here in Colombia. This website promise personal loans with low interest payments. But they will not tell you that they will try to scam you with loan origination fees, 10% of the loan upfront, plus another $400,000 to register your name to the credit bureau.

All the money goes to Yanet Erazo Zuniga with Bancolombia savings account **************

The company is run by ****** *** and ***** *****.Both living in Bogota. They says their company has locations all around Colombia, but there is not true. They do not have a physical location and they do not have money to lend you.

Many steal locals and foreigners because the police in Colombia do not do much to stop this type of small crimes. They mostly focus on bigger crimes generated by the narcos and guerrillas.

I did not lose more money because I decided to ask a local friend before making the next deposit. She told me that she was victim of the same crime, with different institution.

The main person running the show is ****** ***** with following contact info:

CELULAR: *************
WHATSAPP: *************

No physical address. Even when she claims the company has many locations.

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