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Administrative Fees this sneaky scammer tricked people into a large sum of money , pretending to be a credit Manager of the company Gablee Global Investment this company is a clone is checked, FCA the bastard to this day continues to deceive people, even knowing that the people whom he has deceived reported FCA and he steadfastly proves that his company is legitimate , the fraud factor 4, forgery PRA , fake receipts Barclays Bank with a fake letter from Barclays Bank that you need to pay extra ,Barclays the Bank said that this does not happen and before you Sharpie. Using real company Gablee Global Investment moderately competent con man ,rather he is either a former employee of a Finance company or just a criminal stole all of the information, the People whom he deceived are already steps to resolve this character. The money he received through Manigram pretending that the company account for some reason can not accept the funds. The recipient MoneyGram Timothy Kuck accordingly, it is a real character because the money get the passport.this is another email from him. 

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