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Scamadviser is a service provided by the Ecommerce Foundation. Our mission is to foster global digital trade, as peace is the natural effect of trade. 

To realize our mission we acquired Scamadviser in 2018. Scamadviser's goal is to help consumers have a positive online experience. 

In addition we set-up Safe.Shop to help reliable online stores increase consumer trusts with a global ecommerce trust mark.

Scamadviser Seal: Inspiring Consumer Trust 

The Scamadviser Seal is used by all kinds of companies such as interest groups or informational pages.

You can apply for the Scamadviser Seal if your Trust Score is 75 or higher. It your score is lower you can still apply but we may ask for additional information (e.g. chamber of commerce registration or ID/passport).

There are some types of companies we do not provide our trust seals to (e.g. cryptocurrency sites and adult content sites). 

Safe.Shop: The Global Trustmark

Online shops and websites selling an (online) service can upgrade from the Scamadviser seal to the Safe.Shop trust mark. Showing the Safe.Shop trustmark on your website offers several benefits:

The free subscription of Scamadviser includes the following benefits:

  • Consumer Review System: Our Consumer Review System offers you the ability to collect consumer reviews quickly in a user-friendly way supporting login via amongst others Facebook and Google.
  • Unique Trust Score: Your website is automatically checked on 40 technical aspects using the Scamadviser Trust Score. This gives consumers more trust in the reliability of your website.

In addition Safe.Shop offers the Consumer Guarantee and Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct badge. With the Safe.Shop certificate you commit to adhering to the Global Ecommerce Code of Conduct. In this way consumers can check what their consumer rights with just one click.

Safe.Shop increases consumer trust significantly and, as a result, increases conversion, basket size and sales.

Questions about Us?

If you have any questions about Scamadviser or Safe.Shop, please feel free to contact us.

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