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i was at a low point in my life and needed some love advice as I was having issues in my relationship. A quick google search led me to this company called Psychic Intuitive Love Counselor . I chose them because the company had 4.9 stars and over 300 positive comments. Reviews which I would find out was all fake and was generated by the buisness owner herself to get victims like myself to believe her . When I first initiated contact she gave me a different address as she said shes remodeling her current location and is temporarily at the location we met . We met at this address 4003 Markham Street Houston Texas 77027. I paid her about $60 for a love session reading. She said she needed to go deeper and I paid her another $310 . After that session she said i was curse thats why i was having relationship issues and to fix it required $1900 . Out of the $1900 $500 for her time and $1400 for materials . She wanted it in the form of gift cards because she orders orders the material online. Materials which i never got. A few days later she contacted me and said she needed needed $7000 to put at her altar to pray for me and would return the funds after 30 days now that the 30 days is up shes since ignored all my calls and text . turns out this is a big old scam . and anyone who writes a bad google reciew is quickly taken down . Now im out of almost 10k and no sign of this scammer . The business address is literally non existant after driving up to it a few times and not been able to find it .

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