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TraderUR.com: binary options spam

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TraderUR is most likely a classic binary options trading spam. Having signed up, I was not provided with any software or training tools.But instead forced to deposit money to a broker without explanation. The systeem claims to make money for you, with some users apparently making up to 1000 dollars a day. And with 99% of all customers making first profit within 24 hours of signing up. Who is behind the website you don't know, there is no information you can find. The website can be found here https://traderur.com The first step is register you e-mail address. You'll be then taken to another page to enter your name, phone number and create a password. Then you'll be called multiple times each day by "brokers" trying to get you to make a deposit. There is not much other content on the website available.The testimonials are fake and pictures are stock photos, video taking from other site's.
TraderUr is the a system that claims to profitably trade the financial markets for you automatically. They forced you to make a deposit with the scam broker. And ones you make a deposit you are not enable to withdrawal it back. Don't Waste Your Time or Money

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