Produse false / contrafăcute

Produsele contrafăcute sunt falsuri sau replici neautorizate ale produsului real. Produsele contrafăcute sunt adesea produse cu intenția de a profita de valoarea superioară a produsului imitat. Produsele false sunt de obicei: îmbrăcăminte, genți, încălțăminte, dar și produse farmaceutice, de aviație și piese pentru automobile.

Produse false / contrafăcute delivering fake products

Original order of the product (already PAID, but, not received):A pair of ECCO golf shoes (1 x ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 Mens Camel,ecco restaurant
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This company came from BIT2BTC.COM / PAY2BUY.BIZ. Those site businesses identified, and case filed to india/Mumbai police. now they change to new
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searching for a product and google sponsored ad came up with 3 sites and this site has lowest price and went a head and brought the product no email
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Produse false / contrafăcute - Never received the smartphone

I ordered a samsung galaxy 5g for 917 Eur ( 29 eur for fast delivery) on 22 July. Should have been received until 5 August. No Phone and no money. I
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Cercavo delle Nike overplay e mi hanno mandato una copia contraffatta e mal riuscita delle scarpe che cercavo di una marca cinese chiamata Poizon,
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Do not buy from this company: !

Item bought was supposed to be a men’s size large hoodie, instead I received a hoodie that was only big enough to fit a toddler! No response to
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Produse false / contrafăcute

Cheating by satarabia cccam service/

I bought a 6months cccam service and loss the service in less than a month and customer service or so callef Mohammad Mahmoud stopped replying me and
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scam!!! not purchased on this site are scammers
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