Furt de identitate

Escrocii pot să vă fure informațiile personale și să își asume identitatea dvs. online. Odată ce au colectat toate informațiile de care au nevoie, ei pot să retragă bani, comită crime online și alte activități periculoase folosind numele dvs. Escrocii au mereu grijă să nu primiți nici o scrisoare la adresa dvs., astfel încât să puteți ignora acțiunile lor pentru o perioadă de timp cît mai lungă.

cecscouillet.eu - Identity theft

beware some are rediricting this site !
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greenmatters.ec - Scammers on Ecuador

They were selling me Sacha Inchi last year. I sent advanced payments and did not receive products on due dates. Asked for my money back, and was told
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scalahosting.net - Misleading rating

It came to our attention that under the domain scalahosting.net, scammers tried to copycat our service by using our logo, our address, etc. They are
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Здравствуйте,не знаю,что делать..уже с мая месяца по август включительно снимают
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Someone purporting to be *********** from the website listed above connected with me on LinkedIn and made me funding proposal though Ince and Co
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http://chaintechbit.comBIG SCAM platform on bitcoin investmentincluding admin
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Somehow got my bank info (credit card info) and proceeded to place a charge for 49.95, for a service i never ordered.
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Private data was robbed by a fake steam log in
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