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The scammer contacted me on Instagram and then asked me to chat with him on Hangouts and blocked me on Instagram.
He asked me to invest $250 and told that with the minimum investment of $250 I will get profit of $2300 within 5 days.
He asked me to buy US iTunes gift card of Worth $250 so I buy the card and sent to him.
After that he told me we have to standardized the account so we need to invest $250 again to make it $500. So I paid again. After this investment there was incrament in profit on my westernchase account which is $1950.
Then he asked me for payment of $350 again to get membership certificate.
He never told me about all investment in single time, he just asked me for payment one by one.
After payment of membership certificate he asked me again for payment of $300 and said this payment is for withdrawal key. Again I paid this payment after 2 days, but he said I have to pay more $300 because profit is increased to $2800, so I paid again.
After all this payment he asked me to wait for 4 days, after 4 days he told me he given me wrong ID for payment on skrill app, so I have to pay again for certificate.
So I asked him to pay the money because he did the mistake so he agreed that he will pay $100 and asked me to pay remaining $250.
I denied to pay so he get angry and said he is my account manager, sometimes mistake happens.
So he again asked me to pay $250
After that he said I should talk with the CEO of westernchase, so I talked with the CEO for certificate but CEO asked me to pay for support and maintenance fees of Worth $200.
And he said this is last fees that I need to pay. So I paid this fees also. After payment he asked me to pay $200 to my account manager. He said because of account manager only I got this much profit.
And he said without payment he will not give withdraw pin.
So again I paid $200
After that payment he said we can't go for withdrawal because we need to upgrade our account because without upgradation if we go for withdrawal we may loose all our profit.
So I paid $200 for upgradation, after this payment he again asked me to pay $150 for upgradation, he said FRS is not allowing so we have to restart the upgradation.
After that I saw that the last seen of account manager and CEO is always same, means when account manager came online, the CEO also came online, when account manager how's offline, the CEO also goes offline.
Then I knew that the CEO and the account manager are the same, he was making me fool. The CEO name on account is fedric George and account managers name is max.
After upgradation fees he asked me to pay $100 abraka fees and said this is just document for withdrawal.
So I asked him why you were not told me about all fees in single time so he said he forgot to tell me. Even though I paid this fees also.
After 4 hours I received message from him and send the his chatting screenshot with CEO, and told me that the CEO told him the abraka fees are increasing day by day.
So I need to pay $600 for this. I denied to pay fees and I told I will not pay single dollar now, so he directly either I have to pay fees or he will terminate my account. But I get to know that he is just asking me money day by day and I able to know that this is a scam, because I never able to withdraw money from my profits. Even though on website there is deposit option are also available but he not allowed me to deposit through these options, because these options are just for showcase purpose.
I really requesting to all of you who reading this review please don't do investment without confirmation of all things, I lost my almost $3000. is fraudulent website, as like this website there is same copy printed website of westernchase i.e.
This is also a fraudulent website.
Please don't make investment without confirmation of website with good knowledgeable person.

Thank you


Scamadviser edit: Thank you for telling your story. When making payments always be careful if gift cards are asked for. This is a common tactic by scammer as the moeny is instantly accessed and almost impossible to trace.

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