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This site operator **** of ****attempted to defraud thousands of dollars from my wife to remove posts from a bunch of his cheater sites that she was never ever posted on!! He is currently on ***, he was previously arrested for *****.

This scammer is scraping/stealing/infringing well over 10,000 posts and non watermarked images. He then posts all of the identical content on an average of 6 of his own 20+ cheater sites listed below. He then charges individual removal rates for each identical post!!! Total fraud to say the least and his phone reputation site will ask for thousands of dollars to remove the cheater posts that this scammer posted on his own sites!

He is not cover by DMCA protections because he, the site operator, posted the content. He hosts his sites over seas with **** to avoid U.S. law jurisdiction. forwards to

You can quickly file a complaint online. The Attorney General may have a special interest in this bottom feeder and especially since he’s still on parole.

DO leave an online tip with the FBI, you can remain anonymous.

Do file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision

I hope nobody pays this scammer like my wife almost did!

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