How to get your money back?

Falling victim to an online shopping, cryptocurrency or foreign exchange scam happens to more people than you think. Likewise, the number of cases of identity theft and stolen credit card incidents keeps increasing.

If you lost money, the first step is to always contact your bank, credit card company or other payment method you used to make the purchase (e.g. Alipay, Paypal). Often, they can get your money back.

If your credit card or bank refuses and the amount lost is larger than $ 5000, we can introduce you to one of our partners. They are specialized in fund recovery from online trading companies, binary options and forex brokers.

After a first analysis of your complaint, they will provide you with an estimation of the chance you have to get your money back. If you decide to continue, they will charge a fixed fee of 10% of the amount lost to take on your case and a commission of 10% if they are successful.

If you are interested, please fill in our contact form to get a free, non-obligatory consultation by one of our partners. Please mention the website which stole your money, country, the amount lost and what happened.