Travel / Vacations Scams

The scammers create an advertisement of a fake house, holiday deal or hotel room for rent in a typical holiday destination. They use beautiful pictures that usually don’t even belong to the place they are advertising. Once you have show interest for this fake place, the scammer will tell you that this is the last room/apartment they have available and if you don’t take it someone else will. So you in order not to miss this deal, you will pay for the fake holiday, hotel and it won’t only make you lose your money but also ruin your holiday plans.

Choice Hotels advertize that you earn points toward a FREE STAY when you stay at one of their properties. NOT TRUE. You earn points only under
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This site and luxsport holdings are just a scam. Police have now been alerted in addition to other parties who will ensure closing down of websites
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He says he is delta airlines and took $500 for chicago to lax flight which orignal cost $233
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Rent and paid for an apartment in Amsterdam and 7week later wanted to check some details on the website and found the site down. Went on
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I was scammed once by this wed site in Amsterdam and found two more!!!
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I was scammed once booking for Amsterdam and subsequently found another fraudulent web site They did not respond to my booking request since I told
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I received a call from ***** ******* representing Vacation Properties International Stating that he could sell my Timeshare property for me. They
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Yatrawave website is selling fake vacation plans. Plz avoid. If possible, help to catch them. Marketing people call you to fool.
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