Sweepstakes / Lottery / Prizes Scams

In this scam you will receive a call, email or letter telling you that you won a big price or even the lottery! The scammer then will tell you there is a fee, tax... you have to pay in order to get the big prize. They will then ask you to provide them with your bank account number or ask you to wire money to a certain account. But this is a hoax, and instead of wining a prize or lottery you will end up loosing the money you already have!


me dijieron que gane un telefono celular que podia escoger la marca y poner los datos
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The website entered makes it seems like it's associated with Amazon and I haven't been able to find its creditability.
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Mobilewinninguser.club: Firefox loyalty IPhone survey scam

Whilst I was browsing the web, a tab opened by itself.The tab title tag was 'Firefox | ' even though the site has no noticeable link to mozilla or
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Viralpay.com: Lottery scam

They will not pay. So after you get the required stuff to get a payment, they pretty much make u wait 14 days for NOTHING. I was supposed to get a
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The Company goes by the name BESTTIPS.CO is a Total Gambling Scam,,,I lost $100 into the same.They sway people that they sell fixed Betting Odds in a
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no money sent
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