Historias de fraudes

Casi todo el mundo ha sido estafado alguna vez. Puso los datos de su tarjeta de crédito en un sitio web falso, compró un producto en una tienda online que resultó ser falso. Scamadviser recopila ejemplos de fraudes de la red para permitir que los consumidores (y las empresas) compartan sus experiencias para que otros puedan aprender de ellos. Sus historias también son utilizadas por agencias de protección del consumidor, la policía y otros.

rctimer.com - Site disappeared

PURCHASED MERCHANDISE ENTIRE SITE DISAPPEARED Paypal is still trying to get my funds back. Their site returned after I filed a dispute with paypal.
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Estafas de inversión

basecryptocoin.com - Bitcoin Scam be aware

High-interest rates and big winnings are promised but they just collect your money and don't payout anything.I was hooked in a Facebook group and
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Estafa de compañías de gas, luz o agua

coinchat.im - 100% scam

The coinchat owner has made a lot of money by launching a dice to date. But this dice has made a lot of people miserable. His way of doing this is to
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The company made 1 payment only when I invested more, robbed me and still blocked me on the site
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The website claims to pay you for typing random numbers on a page that includes adverts. When wanting to withdraw the money the website simply does
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SCAMStay away from this website and this business formatand also anything relate with bitcoinpro88@protonmail.chYou will lost your money and your
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This website did not give money after withdraw just waiting ...1 month befor i order withdraw still just showing waiting
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As an expat, I did not know this was a common scam here in Colombia. This website promise personal loans with low interest payments. But they will
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